About Us

When you look at a piece of our furniture, we believe you can see the hands that made it. Our tables and bedroom sets aren’t stamped out of a factory, our chests and dressers aren’t glued together by massive machines. They’re made by living, breathing people who bring generations of woodworking expertise to each piece.

Two words define our furniture: beauty and durability. You want something distinctive that helps brings your home to life. And you want it to last.

By combining modern aesthetics with robust, solid wood craftsmanship, we are able to deliver strength and beauty without compromise. We constantly seek out new ideas even as we continue to perfect what we already do. Our passion and expertise allow us to create entire lines of gorgeous furniture that can stand up to decades of everyday life.

Today, almost every major American furniture brand and nearly 94% of all wood furniture is made in Asia, primarily China and Vietnam, our local presence offers a personal, convenient and safe alternative to purchase the furniture for your home.  Our furniture is made with safe, exclusive high quality materials right here in the United States of America.